Let's get straight to the point and list some common problems that occur when connecting to Outlook 📧

1) You need admin consent to connect your Outlook account with Luna (by far the most common one)

Does Luna show you an error after trying to connect to your Outlook account and are you not the Outlook / Office 365 admin of your organisation? Then it could be that you need admin approval to connect to Luna. This means that your systems admin configured your Outlook in a way that you need their approval to connect to third-party apps that can act on behalf of you.

If this is the case, you can send this instruction article to your admin, it includes everything they need to know to give approval for the Luna - Outlook connection 👇🏽

2) You're automatically being connected with the wrong email account
This happens when you're logged in to an Outlook email account and you told Microsoft to remember your login credentials for next time. In this case, the easiest fix is to open up an incognito / private tab, log in to Luna there, and connect Outlook in that way. If you do this, this problem won't occur 🤓

3) Your Outlook / Exchange / Office 365 setup is not supported
Do you have a Hybrid or On-Site Exchange setup? Then unfortunately, your email setup is not supported. Only cloud setups are supported.

Are you experiencing troubles, but it's not one of the options listed above? Send us a message, we're happy to help 👋🏽

Happy selling! 🚀

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