In this article you will find a brief overview of the things Luna does and takes care of:

1. Luna proposes leads which meet the criteria you have specified in the onboarding.

2. Next to suggesting leads, Luna researches the lead and suggests a message which you can send to the person in question. Of course, you can make changes to the message yourself or translate the text to other languages. Luna remembers the adjustments you make and takes them into the next batch of "cards".

3. As long as you do not receive a substantive response from the lead, Luna proposes reminders.

Other useful things to keep in mind:

  • Luna does new suggestions, that are waiting for your approval, every day. So make sure you log in on a daily basis.

  • If you click in the app on your profile, top right on your screen, you can navigate to your profile settings. Here you can connect/disconnect your email account, you can adjust your audience settings etc.

  • Via statistics, at the top right of your screen in the app, you can view reports.

  • Take a look at our help centre. Here you will find answers to most of your questions.

Have fun using Luna 🚀

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