A perfect lead generation strategy consist of two crucial steps:

  • Find the perfect leads to target

  • Find the perfect way to target these leads

This is where we've spend a lot of time on before building Luna, gaining years of experience in finding the perfect sales strategies.

During the onboarding process, Luna will ask you a couple of questions. These questions will give Luna a head start when finding your leads. Try to be as detailed as you can be. But no worries, you can always change your input in the settings at any moment!

Luna has an extensive database with millions of leads. Based on your input, Luna starts searching for the leads that would fit you and your company best and proposes them in the dashboard. You can already see leads appearing after finishing the onboarding process!

And the best part is that Luna gets smarter with every interaction. Every time you approve/deny a lead, Luna learns from this. By training Luna, the quality of your leads will only get better!

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